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                                       Air Purif  er

                                                HOW iWAVE WORKS:
                                                 iWave is an air purifying device that installs
                                                 in any duct air conditioning system.  When
                                                  air passes over the iWave, ions produced
                                                  by the device reduce pathogens, aller-
                                                  gens, particles, smoke and odors in the air,
                                                  creating a healthy environment without
                                                 producing any harmful byproducts.

         • Maintenance Free                     • Reduces Viruses & Bacteria

          • Reduces Mold & Allergens    • Removes Odors

                                                     $  75 OFF

                                                   A NEW IWAVE AIR PURIFIER
                                                          Kills germs & bacteria
                                                        With coupon only. Expires 10/20/20

          Air System Solutions provides service, repair, and maintenance on all makes and
          models of residential heating and air conditioning systems. We also provide free
          estimates if you are looking to upgrade your older, less efficient heating or air
          conditioning system with a new energy efficient heating or air conditioning system.
          Whether you are looking to provide zoning solutions, fix that hot or cold spot in your
          home, upgrade your system to save energy or reduce noise, we are here to help.

       Air System Solutions  •  805.647.8551
       Air System Solutions  •  805.647.8551
             1932 Eastman Ave. Unit 107  •  Ventura, California 93003
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