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Alleviate Acute & Chronic Pain Now!

     PressureWave Therapy

                                      Have you ever had any of these problems?
                               Ask us how PressureWave Therapy can help you!

       This treatment works in minutes. It’s    We are one of the few forward
     nonaddictive and the relief you’ll get is   thinking clinics in the US that have this
     truly powerful. In fact, it works so well,   new breakthrough in pain treatment.
     it could make pain pills obsolete for      If you or someone you care about
     you or your loved ones.                  is suffering with pain in the neck,
       Most doctors don’t know about
     this amazing technology or even care     shoulders, back, hips, knees or any
     because they’d rather just prescribe     other type of pain including arthritis,
     drugs, surgery or whatever.              CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE!

            (805) 419-5884
                     Only $57
                                    Consultation & First Treatment

                                    CALL NOW! (805) 419-5884

                                                  Expires 10/31/20

      433 W. Channel Islands Blvd.  |  Port Hueneme  |  CA 93041
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