About City Shopper

City Shopper is a locally owned, family oriented business with over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience! We firmly believe in keeping hard earned money in our own communities where we need it the most and that’s how we’ve earned our title “Super Heroes of the Marketing World”! 

Smart Marketing
We take pride in offering high quality, reasonably priced, reliable advertisers! With five successful zones to choose from, we target over *130,000 households of ideal demographics throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara County!

City Shopper is the highly anticipated monthly Direct Mail magazine!  It’s a high gloss, full color and family oriented magazine that is conveniently portable, which means the consumer won’t leave home without it, making it a highly effective, no-risk advertising vehicle! 

Smart Advertisers + Smart Shoppers= Super Duo Team!
We team up advertisers that have high quality products and services offering valuable discounts with consumers who want to shop intelligently!  Therefore, City Shopper is the magazine that people turn to when they want a deal!

Personal Service, Experience and Creativity
We excel in personal service and back that up with a high-powered marketing team to effectively create ads that will brand your name, keeping you first in the minds of the consumers! Disclaimer:  Our ads are so effective, even our competitors use them! 

Why monthly advertising? 
Time sensitive material gives the consumer a reason to use your coupon of course!  Monthly direct mail gives you the flexibility to track coupons easily and change promos and specials so that you will get more “bang” for your buck…making you a Super Hero too!

Why City Shopper?
No long term commitments! You have the freedom to advertise monthly or sign up for three months to receive a discount! 

Important Fact:  
We’re Green!  We print on recycled paper and use soy based ink!

Fun Fact:
Coupons are now the cool guy on the block!  Easy to track and giving them an offer they can’t refuse gets you immediate results!

Interesting Fact: 
The 18-34 year old age group prefers receiving a variety of marketing offers via offline; such as direct mail (we think it’s more like 18-99 year old age group)!

*For zone coverage, please visit the Circulation Page
*City Shopper is also your full print service broker! Click here for our Print Services!