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Jill’s Place

                                                              Fall 2018

         appy FaLL EvEryonE!                  was fool proof... but over and over again he’d get
     H I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by!   out and find me, his tail wagging all happy with
      I wanted to share a photo and funny story of    himself, like it was a test that he had just passed!
     my companion and love of my life... his name    One day when I had repair men at the house,
     is Maverick.                             I made sure to put Mav in the garage until they
      My Mav is a beautiful white german shepherd   were done, as he can be rather intimidating (but
     (a.k.a bodyguard) and at one and a half years old   gentle). A few moments later Mav, to my surprise,
     he’s earned the nickname “Houdini”.      was at the front door! He had literally jumped up
      This (not so) little guy can escape from   and opened the correct garage door button and
     anywhere just to be by my side! When he was   ran outside to make sure that everything was ok!
     a puppy being crate trained, I would make sure   Then he opened the front door to go back into
     that the crate was secure but only a few minutes   the house!
     later, there he was, outside of his crate like it was   So, here is a helpful tip if you have a dog like
     no big deal!                             mine... hide your car keys immediately!
      At first I thought that I forgot to latch the   Have a great fall, see you in December! I would double check to make sure it                            —Jill

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