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Jill’s Place

       Back to School time!

        hope everyone Is enjoyIng            that summer was ending and we got in as
      I  theIr summer so far!                much swimming as we could before the
      With school starting up again, it literally   snow would start freezing everything over!
     seems like yesterday when I would take my   We are so blessed here in Ventura County,
     own kids (now grown up) on fun shopping   with beautiful all-year round perfect
     sprees for all of their school supplies and   weather! While it’s difficult to know when
     new outfits, The anticipation of school   summer ends and fall begins, one thing is
     beginning was mixed with excitement and   always for sure... the Holidays will soon be
     nervousness... mine, not theirs!        upon us!
      When I was growing up in Illinois, we    Have an amazing month and see you in
     knew that Labor Day pretty much meant   September!                         —Jill

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