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Get Rid of Unwanted Fat Permanently!

                 Lose Inches in Just Minutes!

                                   Featured on

                                   Dr. Oz and
                                   The Doctors

                              No DowN Time!

     Affordable Sculpting Packages • Pain-Free Relaxing 20 - 45 Minute Procedures
          Inches of Shapely Reduction Per Area • Shrinks Fat Cells Permanently

                                     lIPo SCUlPt lIte                         *
                                        advanced body
                                                                           reg. $295
                                           contouring        $49                 /
                                         just imagine a slimmer, firmer, more athletic
                                             appearance that will turn heads!
                                         * Revolutionary, new, high intensity light technology reduces pockets
         lIPo SCUlPt lIte ReSUltS         of unwanted fat painlessly that diet and exercise fail to achieve.
                                       UltRASonIC                            *
                                          targeted fat
                                           reduction         $59                 /
                                                                           reg. $250
                                      achieve the same results as a grueling 90 day diet
                                      and exercise boot camp while relaxing in comfort!
                                    * Revolutionary Ultrasonic fat removal technique that causes microscopic air bubbles to
           UltRASonIC ReSUltS        surround the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes and causes the fat cells to break up instantly.
                                       THERMA-LIFT                           *
                                          ultimate skin
                                      tightening treatment   $69                 /
                                                                           reg. $350
                                     roll back nature’s clock with the same secret that celebrities and
                                         Hollywood “A” listers use to stay red carpet ready!
                                         * Eliminate sagging and loose skin anywhere on your body painlessly
           THERMA-LIFT RESULTS                  with state-of-the-art radio frequency therapy.

      *Introductory offer valid for first visit and new clients ONLY.  Sessions include consultation, photos, measurements, first treatment, after measurements and photos,
       prescribed treatment plan to achieve desired results. no refunds! $50 cancellation fee for missed appointments or late reschedule.  See associates for details.
                                            1337 E Thousand Oaks Blvd #208
                                                      Thousand Oaks

                                                      Buy online at

                 Advanced Non-Surgical Body Solutions

                   Revolutionary New High Technology
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