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Look & Feel

                                                  Your Best

       Vitamin                 15 Minute
     b12 ShOTS                Consultation!   for Summer!
        $20                   Call Today to
                               Make Your
        Good through          Appointment!
        Lose Weight & Feel Great With bio-Identical hormones

                    Customized hormone inserts lasting 3-5 months.
                       Common symptoms of hormone imbalance
             • Depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia • Inability to lose weight
      • Decreased energy, muscle tone and libido • Memory loss • Erectile dysfunction

                           bTL VAnqUISh ME™
              Won Best Body Makeover 2 Years in a Row Beating Out CoolSculpting!
       The revolutionary non-contact, non-invasive, non-surgical way to melt fat away for good!
                        nOW $1550 for 6 Treatments (Reg. $3000)
     Detox or         $267 per treatment (reg. $500 per treatment) Good through 9/20/19  Lose 5lbs.
                   ZEROnA LASER
     Lipo Shot                                                           in 5 Days
        $30          TREATMEnTS                                          with the
        Lose 11 inches or more off of waist, hips and thighs!            USC Diet

          nOW $750 for 9 Treatments (Reg. $1500)
        $84 per treatment (reg. $106 per treatment) Good through 9/20/19
                      FREE P-Shot ($1900 Value)

      With Purchase of Evive Shockwave Therapy Package for Erectile Dysfunction

                                     Good through 9/20/19
                      FREE O-Shot ($1500 Value)

       With Purchase of ThermiVa Package for Tightening of the
                 Vagina, and Stopping Urinary Incontinence
                                     Good through 9/20/19
            $200 OFF All PRP Procedures

        Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breast Lift, Vampire Hair Restoration
                   Call to see if platelet rich plasma may be right for you. Good through 9/20/19
        O-ShOT for woMEn                         P-ShOT for MEn
       Improves sexual health and treats incontinence  Corrects erectile dysfunction, size and bend
            All Fillers                 Xeomin                    Kybella
             $75 OFF                 $9.50 per unit            $500 per vial
             Good through 9/20/19      Good through 9/20/19      Good through 9/20/19

                               Susan VanVonderen,RN, CNP

       (805) 987-7222 1601 Carmen Drive, Ste 203, Camarillo, CA 93010
      To learn more about these products and services, please call or visit us on the web at
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