So you have to create a kick butt ad campaign that saturates the media.  You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  You want high quality, high redemption, high praises.

We’ve got you covered baby…with our Catalog insert!  Yep, your very own catalog inserted in City Shopper.

City Shopper mails to 30,000 homes per zone with 4 zones to choose from.     Ojai is the fifth zone going out 3 x per year mailed to approximately 12,000.

There you go.  Your very own catalog!  Starting at 4 pages.  Affordable, Smart, Effective and did we mention…way cool.  Plus we include the fact that you have a

catalog inserted into City Shopper/Gocityshopper right on the front cover.  How’s that for service!

Check out the Green Thumb Catalog in our Ventura and Oxnard/Camarillo March issue.

GOCITYSHOPPER.COM  and visit CITYSHOPPERPRINTING.COM (see link this website) for affordable print services!