There was a small little company that decided to open up in a somewhat challenging economical time.

Many people throughout the land said that they were crazy, although the small little company knew that they had a product and service that would help others, especially in times like they were having.

People were taking bets on how long the small little company would stay in business. Every day the owners from other little companies would walk by and shake their heads, all the while wondering how this new kid on the block could even be open for yet another day.

Early one morning, the small little company called City Shopper Publications and placed an ad with a great coupon offer in this highly anticipated monthly portable direct mail magazine.

Everyone was talking about the enormous sale event that the small little company was advertising, although some where to surmise that it had to be a “Going Out of Business Sale”.

The small little company became known throughout the land as the little store that could, and it grew by using its knowledgeable marketing skills, common sense, and good judgment of what people can’t live without!

That is, after all, how small little companies eventually become large little companies….(happily ever after is all up to you)

City Shopper, not just a another coupon magazine and that is no fairy tale!!   GOCITYSHOPPER.COM!