You need to saturate areas surrounding a three to five mile radius from your vicinity. Time is of the essence and your meager budget needs to saturate the huge market.

The Wise CITY SHOPPER Jedi Master in a Galaxy far, far away, advises it will not be necessary for you to use your special abilities; those door hangers will do the trick as will the double whammy of the monthly direct mail magazine!  Guaranteed to let them see you been business!

Mission; City Shoppers will find explosive graphics and you’ll come up with a great promotional coupon to add to your two sided door hanger, which will be a high quality grade of paper, that will stand up to time warps and clone wars.

You shall gather your fleet of Jedi Knights, and hand deliver to every front door…letting them know that the force will be with them when they become your customer.

Good always wins.

CITY SHOPPER protects you from the dark side of high prices.

And if you really want to make an impact and saturate the galaxy…advertise in City Shopper too!

May the sales be with you!